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I contacted Aiming Shang in July 2009 to consult with her about my TMJ and menopausal symptoms. The TMJ was causing my jaw to be tight and sore and my ear was actually beginning to hurt. I worked in the Dental field for ten years and decided against the traditional therapy of wearing an Occlusal Guard at night as this therapy only alleviates the symptoms and does not actually correct the problem. After only four acupuncture treatments with Aiming, my ear quit hurting and my jaws was significantly less sore and tight. I have continued the acupuncture and now the TMJ symptoms are minimal and improve with every treatment. The menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes have also greatly improved. I chose to continue acupuncture treatments with Aiming to maintain my good health. Aiming is professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend her for any health issues you may have.

Southeast Kansas

While I have been blessed with good health for most of my life, I have struggled with the pain and distress of hiatal hernia symptoms for the past 30 years. Now well into my 8th decade of life, the acid reflux problem had gotten worse and I suffered for 2 years with debilitating stomach and referred back pain. I also had an aggravating pain in my foot –at the reflex point for spleen. At my low point I was able to eat only soft food and had eaten little more than bites of oatmeal for several weeks. I was weak and my pulse had dropped to 41– this put me at risk for falling! At this point my RN-daughter intervened, suggesting I add acupuncture to the western medicine I was receiving. In only 2 TREATMENTS I was dramatically improved, and eating full meals in a restaurant with my family within a week of beginning treatment. With infrequent follow up visits I have been able to remain pain-free and the pain in my foot has also resolved. My whole family is relieved and grateful to have a chinese medical physician to care for us. We are passing the word to family and friends that Joplin is fortunate to have such a highly skilled practitioner as Dr Aiming Shang.

Joplin, MO

I am Advice Nurse/ RN living on the West Coast. I have been fortunate to access the very best of alternative medicine options in the San Francisco Bay area. I sometimes get calls from family in Missouri seeking Nursing advice when conventional treatments are not effective or desirable. Since it was not practical to bring family to SF for treatment, I gave Google a try and to my surprise I found the lovely¬†aimingsacupuncture.com¬†website! All it took was a quick phone call and I knew my family would be in good hands. I flew back to Joplin and got a treatment myself. Aiming combines both the art and science of medicine in treating her patients, demonstrating a high degree of knowledge & experience and a professional demeanor as well. As a medical professional I encourage you to experience the wonder of an ancient medicine that both corrects imbalances that cause health problems & can prevent future problem from developing as well. Prevention is a key to solving our national health care dilemma. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”–forefather Benjamin Franklin. Thank you Dr Shang for bringing Chinese Medicine to Southwest Missouri! D.S.

(M.S.’s daughter)